17 Essential Elements of Franciscan Spirituality:

1…To live the gospel according to the spirit of St. Francis (Articles 1,4,5,14)
2…To be converted continually (Articles 2,4,5,7,9,12,16)
3…To live as sisters and brothers of all people and of all creation (Articles 13,18)
4…To live in communion with Christ Articles 1,4,5,14)
5…To follow the poor and crucified Christ (Article 10)
6…To share in the life and mission of the Church (Article 6)
7…To share in the love of the Father (Articles 4, 12)
8…To be instruments of peace (Article 19)
9…To have a life of prayer that is personal, communal & liturgical (Article 8)
10…To live in joy (Article 19:2)
11…To have a spirituality of a secular nature (Articles 3,6,8,11,13,14)
12…To be pilgrims on the way toward the Father (Article 11:2)
13…To participate in the apostolate of the laity (Articles 15,16,17,18,19,24)
14…To be at the service of the less fortunate (Articles 13,14,15)
15…To be loyal to the Church in an attitude of dialogue and collaboration with her ministers (Article 6:2)
16…To be open to the action of the Holy Spirit (Articles 1, 4:2)
17…To live in simplicity, humility and minority (Article 11:1)

G.W Irving, OFS